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2016-12-22 12:02:47 by H-A-T-E

I can calm myself down from anything at this point by taking a deep breath and telling myself that it doesn't matter. But whenever I remember all that I did to you, how I pushed you a way, how I hurt you all year long. That does matter. Even though its in the past, I'm still living it now. I'm always going to live it. Your gone. Forever. There no bringing you back. If I get better you'll still be gone, if I die you'd never look for me, its over. There's no point in fighting against this anymore. It doesn't matter. I ruined everything. Its all my fault. This is just something that will hurt forever. This is why I want to kill myself.



2016-12-21 11:52:58 by H-A-T-E

It really hurts to find out your not important

Your not special

They don't need you

They lied, they can replace you

They will replace you

Whether the next person is genuine doesn't matter

As long as they're rid of you


2016-12-20 23:03:12 by H-A-T-E

The only thing worst that dying weak and powerless, forgotten and disposable, is living weak and powerless, forgotten and disposable


2016-12-16 04:10:07 by H-A-T-E

They're better off without you

They have everything they need

They have every one they need

Life goes on without you

Much better without you


2016-12-02 20:02:04 by H-A-T-E

Everyone wants to know that they'll be missed

We all want to do something that matters

No one wants to know that they' can be replaced


2014-04-19 04:12:59 by H-A-T-E

"Niggas like me, wasnt meant to go to heaven

We were meant to be alone, die hanging from a ceiling

Tried praying for forgivness but god told me to shut up..."


2014-03-23 05:02:34 by H-A-T-E

I've come to a conclusion that everything is useless

art means nothing

your knowledge will get you nothing but a good impression


ever noticed why kids go to school?

learn nothing?

get jobs?

studied or cheated, school is a screening process

The hard working studied to learn the information and got good grades

the smarter kids cheating and didn't get cought

and then there were the lazy kids that failed

proved they weren't hard working or cleaver enough to make it in society

they're not gonna work and they can't cheat


Art has no value

music is a simple text book process combined with a controversal image to make money

write about the same damn thing and make your music sound just like the others and you just need to find an audiance accepting of cliche

painting and graphiti only gets the attention of self richious sychophants


Satan feel from heaven and we dont have any great minds to engeneer a brighter future

we've resorted to basic animal instincts



the wolves never knew more


2014-02-17 04:45:00 by H-A-T-E

Sacrifice your blood

Sacrifice your flesh

Sacrifice your hate

to feed the darkness

So you would love me more

2014-02-10 02:25:18 by H-A-T-E

I spend all night trying to get it write

trying to find the words to express my meanings

A generation lost for words

to communicate by only repeating what we hear and quoting

no quote explains what I have to say

then I speak in a new language

one day mmy words will be found like a holy book and translated into a false interpritation

and someone will quote my blasphemies in their moment of darkness

Paint it Black

2014-01-30 01:58:25 by H-A-T-E

I want you to come inside my black hole

Look into my dark eyes

Kiss me and see the trail of black saliva

hurt me and see my black tears

But dont think I'll love you

my black heart doesn't work that way anymore


I want you to grab my black hair

Bust my black lips

tear my black dress

and tell me how sorry you are

you know how much of love your white lies


I want to throw you out into the Black night

Watch you beg for forgeviness in the black rain

letter come back with a black dahlia

I like dead roses better


I want to live out our lives in the umbra

show you my black tooth smile

Feed you my black poison

watch your black death

and leave your limbs in the dark cold ground


I want to sit in my dark room

Contemplate my dark thoughts

write another dark poem

Hate myself for not being able to understand why

Hate myself for not being black to translate