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2014-03-23 05:02:34 by H-A-T-E

I've come to a conclusion that everything is useless

art means nothing

your knowledge will get you nothing but a good impression


ever noticed why kids go to school?

learn nothing?

get jobs?

studied or cheated, school is a screening process

The hard working studied to learn the information and got good grades

the smarter kids cheating and didn't get cought

and then there were the lazy kids that failed

proved they weren't hard working or cleaver enough to make it in society

they're not gonna work and they can't cheat


Art has no value

music is a simple text book process combined with a controversal image to make money

write about the same damn thing and make your music sound just like the others and you just need to find an audiance accepting of cliche

painting and graphiti only gets the attention of self richious sychophants


Satan feel from heaven and we dont have any great minds to engeneer a brighter future

we've resorted to basic animal instincts



the wolves never knew more


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2014-03-23 06:58:58

I feel like you've just copied and pasted this shit.
Also, Satan and heaven? You must be as dumb as you sound to believe in that bullshit.


2014-03-23 08:21:38

you don't know what art really means so shut up
lol yeah that goes with wolfs but we're all humans if you didn't notice


2014-04-16 11:16:29

"Art means nothing" said the one that silently screamed their sentiments to all that would listen.

You are wrong. Art means everything. Its one of our (humanities) defining traits. It sets us apart from the other beasts we roam the earth with. Even your words would be considered art within certain circles. As misguided as they may be.

I personally take offence to this. Especially your views on the musician. While I agree there is a problem with musicians like you've described, the true problem lies with those who make it worth "sounding like the others" It is the popular opinion of what people consider to be "good" or have "worth". I myself do not concern myself with such things.

It increasingly inspires nausea every time I hear "that was cool but you should have put a bass drop in it"

The world needs to give true artists appreciation before the world will receive true artists to appreciate.