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So you would love me more

2014-02-10 02:25:18 by H-A-T-E

I spend all night trying to get it write

trying to find the words to express my meanings

A generation lost for words

to communicate by only repeating what we hear and quoting

no quote explains what I have to say

then I speak in a new language

one day mmy words will be found like a holy book and translated into a false interpritation

and someone will quote my blasphemies in their moment of darkness

Paint it Black

2014-01-30 01:58:25 by H-A-T-E

I want you to come inside my black hole

Look into my dark eyes

Kiss me and see the trail of black saliva

hurt me and see my black tears

But dont think I'll love you

my black heart doesn't work that way anymore


I want you to grab my black hair

Bust my black lips

tear my black dress

and tell me how sorry you are

you know how much of love your white lies


I want to throw you out into the Black night

Watch you beg for forgeviness in the black rain

letter come back with a black dahlia

I like dead roses better


I want to live out our lives in the umbra

show you my black tooth smile

Feed you my black poison

watch your black death

and leave your limbs in the dark cold ground


I want to sit in my dark room

Contemplate my dark thoughts

write another dark poem

Hate myself for not being able to understand why

Hate myself for not being black to translate


2014-01-25 03:51:04 by H-A-T-E



2014-01-24 01:55:10 by H-A-T-E

I hold on to these fantasies because keep me from remembering to kill myself

Dark and twisted mind

2014-01-21 02:23:15 by H-A-T-E

I've been taking interest in darker fantasies

hate, rape, etc.

I want the possible worst to happen now

A corrupted mind that only wants you to suffer for my own pleasure

Your happines is now an issue

My dark and ugly world

2014-01-16 22:49:25 by H-A-T-E

The Black World

Where all tragic and dark moments in life appresiated

In the  normal world they are exploited or egnored

No one wants to be reminded of their tragedies in the real world

the media exagerates so they can profit from them

I want to be there

to take care of them

be there

to appreciate them

to reunit with my own

Who makes me feel good

2014-01-16 01:21:03 by H-A-T-E

  • Who cuts me open
  • who plays with my insides
  • who finger paints
  • unsing my blood as the paint and my face as the canvas
  • using my pain as the joke
  • who's laughing at the clawn
  • who hurts me
  • who makes me feel good
  • who loves the way I die
  • who gives me sanctuary